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How To Keep Your Cat Entertained For Hours

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Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Cat Games LIVE #5 – 8 Hours!!! Keep Your Cat Entertained.

Just look at how much this cat loves this;scratcher/lounger combo. This could be your cat, digging on the;corrugated cardboard to sharpen their claws, and then lazing about on the surface when they’re done. And as a bonus, you can just flip it over and use the other side when they’ve scratched up the first side. Plus, it has over 9,000 5-star ratings.

Make Sure Your Cat Feels Secure

The first thing you should ensure is that your cat feels safe and secure in his life.

Routine is very important to your cat and so you should try to make sure that you stick to serving your cats food at the same times each day, and incorporate regular play and cuddles into your cats daily routine.

When your cat knows what to expect and when, he will be more relaxed and content.

You should tell your Cat how much you love him

Shower him with affection and love

And theyll do the same back to you too

You can also communicate with your cat

This is a great way of building that special bond

Yes, cats can understand what we say to them

As a matter of fact, they understand what we are saying to them more than we think!

Check out my article to find out more as I go into more detail

Gocat Da Bird Pull 2 Piece Pull Apart Rod & Bird

“When it comes to toys, my all-time favorite toy is the Da Bird wand toy!” says Dr. Koski. “Lures are easy to change so that you can keep things from getting boring, or find what type of prey your cat responds to best.”

Da Bird Feather Teaser simulates the motion of a bird. Set on a swivel, its feathers look, sound, and feel like real bird wings and will drive your cat nuts. This toy encourages instinctual behaviors and exercise to keep your cat healthy and alert.

Available at:

Pro Tip: Play bird sounds on your phone while using this toy, or other similar ones. It’s great for cats to engage their sense of hearing while playing with toys that simulate birds. Click here for a great YouTube video of birds.

Turboscratcher Cat Toy

This 2-in-1 toy is great to put in different places around the house. Whether you have a cat that loves to play, just needs to scratch or both! Depending on your cat’s preferences, these can replace regular scratchpads .

Out of all of the toys, the Turboscratcher might not occupy your cat’s attention all day, but I feel it’s a great addition to enrich your cat’s home. It’s also a great enrichment option for senior kitties and cats with arthritis or other mobility issues.

Providing your cat with an appropriate scratching place can help prevent unwanted scratching on furniture around your home. Read more about how to stop unwanted scratching. Check out PV cat Rajah give a couple swipes on the Turboscratcher below:

Rajah loves catnip sprinkled on top

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Tips To Keep Your Cat From Being Bored

Every day when I come home from work I find my cat, Amelia, waiting for me behind the door. Not long after I adopted Amelia, I began to wonder what she got up to during the day, before I pulled my car into the garage to hear her impatient meows. There were signs of restless behavior: a pawed-open drawer, tell-tale nuggets of litter on the countertopI even found evidence that she had been on top of the vertical blinds in the living room.

I recently asked Amy Shojai, a certified cat behavior consultant and the author of Complete Kitten Care as well as many other pet books, for her take on cat boredom. Her response echoed my experience with Amelia.

When your cat has nothing to do, often she will entertain herself with climbing the drapes, emptying the sock drawer or rearranging the contents of your kitchen cupboards, Shojai says. Offering and fun ways to play and exercise keeps Kittys brain lubricated and muscles healthy without trying your patience.

Keep your indoor cat entertained while youre away with these tips:

Trick Your Cat That Old Toys Are New

Keep your cat entertained for hours with this gadget sold ...

I can hear what youre thinking: you have lots of cat balls but your furball doesnt play with them. Just like humans, felines get bored easily. You need to have an adequate stash of toys where you can rotate them in and out each day. Never leave the same cat fish toy out day after day.;

Your cat will think old toys are brand new if you take them away for a few days. If you roll it in a little catnip first, your cat will really think its special. If your cat is very finicky about his or her toys, you cant go wrong with feather or fishing pole toys. Just stick a pole with a mouse on the end in front of their face. Even if they dont like it, theyll think youre annoying and then swat at it to get you to move it. ;

Another important enrichment tool is the interactive cat feeder, which to a feline can also be an interactive cat toy. Why not make your bored kitty work for their food? Interactive feeders come in a variety of sizes, styles and price ranges. Most of them involve putting their food in a maze so your cat has to pick out each piece of kibble piece by piece. Its not only great to keep a cat busy, but it makes them work harder for their meal. That can help burn calories if theyre overweight and can prevent the after-meal vomiting some cats do after eating too fast. Remember in the wild, cats hunt prey so they can eat. Youre really not helping their natural instincts by just placing a full bowl of food in front of them.

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Take Your Cat For A Walk

If you have an indoor cat, you can take them for a walk on a leash. If your yard is closed, you might be able to get your cat out without the leash. Fortunately, where I live there are no roads with big traffic nor coyotes or any big threats so my cats are allowed to run around without a leash but they never go far from the house.

If you are not comfortable having your cat out without the leash or there are potential dangers around, its better to be on the safe side and use the leash. It is especially important to use a leash for your cats first visit;outside, when you dont know how they will react to the outdoors.

Afraid Your Indoor Cat Is Missing Out Heres How To Keep Them Entertained

May 26, 2021 inLifestyle

If you are an indoor cat owner, you may sometimes feel guilty that your cats world is so constrained. However, if you are attentive and intentional about giving your furry friend enough stimulation, then your indoor cat will live a life full of entertainment and exercise. Plus, indoor cats generally live longer than outdoor cats and dont pose a threat to the wildlife around your home.

Here are some ways you can keep your cat fit and happy.

Give your cat supervised outdoor time

If you want to let your cat enjoy the outdoors safely, consider making a cat patio or a catio. This is an enclosure, kind of like a playpen, for cats. You can buy a ready-made catio or make one yourself. The access point can be from a door, a window, or you can create a wall cut specifically for your cat.

Another option would be to walk your cat on a leash. Training your cat to walk on a leash will take a bit of effort, but it will be worth it when you have the freedom to take your kitty to many new and exciting environments.

If you want to go one step further, then you can opt for a cat backpack complete with ventilation holes, leash clips, and plenty of space. This is a great option for when you want to go on a longer trip as it gives your cat the option to get some exercise when they want it but also a refuge when the environment may not be the safest.

Enrich your indoor environment

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Try New Toys And Change In And Out Toys Every Once In A While

Trying new toys is something I constantly have to do anyways since my Avery is such a lazy little bug and I really need to make sure I have backups in case he ever goes cold turkey and stops loving a toy hes been obsessing over for months .

My best advice for expanding the number of actually-played-with cat toys you have in your arsenal: if your cat seems to really like one type of feature, or one type of toy, try to get your hands on unique variations of those cat toys.

For instance, if your cat really likes feathers , get different types of toys with feathers, or if your cat really likes balls , try out one of the many varieties of cat toy balls.

To keep cats passively entertained without getting bored, youll want to grab as many varieties as you can of specifically toys cats can play with by themselves.

Interactive cat toys where you only need to press a button are still excellent options to have around, in case there are times you are home, but are just a bit too busy to do the waving around of the cat wand yourself.

My favourite of these are currentlyautomatic laser toys, because for now, Avery actually engages with these every so often.

You can also try feeder toys, like the Petsafe SlimCat Interactive Toy. Obviously, like interactive cat toys these are not completely passive either , but they do work very well at engaging cats for short periods of time, especially if theyre anything like the boys in my household and are quite obsessed with food.

Ways To Entertain Your Cat

Cat Games LIVE #6 – 8 Hours!!! Keep Your Cat Entertained

Cats spend 2/3 of their lives sleeping but once they are awake, they love to do something active and fun. Bored cats can get stressed and try to entertain themselves by scratching your furniture, meowing non-stop or grooming too much which can lead to an excessive buildup of cat hair in their stomachs.

Having various ways to keep a cat busy and entertained is essential for keeping indoor cats happy.

If youre wondering how to entertain your cat and want to keep them busy, happy and active, then Im sure youll get plenty of new ideas from my list of 50 ways to entertain a cat. Take a look!

so you always have a reminder of all the things you can do with your cat! Check it out at the bottom of this post.


A PDF Printable to Keep Track of Your Cats Health & Well-Being. Designed To Make Your Life Easier & Your Kitty Healthier And Happier!

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Bring The Outdoors Inside

If you cant take your cat outside or they simply dont want to then heres a creative solution: cat grass. Outdoor cats often get into the habit of chewing grass. For indoor cats, there are various benefits. Chewing grass can help them with their digestion, and prevent hairballs from accumulating in their stomach. Furthermore, its an extra source of distraction, as it means theyll be less likely to chew or nibble on household items that youd rather they avoided. One of the best examples is this set from Catit.

Arriving complete with grass seed, this is a good source of fibre, and a worthy substitute for outdoor cats. This offering is widely available from numerous online retailers.View Deal

Provide Your Cat With Areas To Climb

If your cat was able to go outside he would have so much fun climbing up trees, through bushes and across rooftops and walls.

The world is an adventure playground for cats and they are so curios which makes them want to explore;

Think of your Cat as a Lion but a tiny one living in the city!;;

If you have an indoor cat it is important to provide them with a similar experience so that they can get their exercise too.

You can buy cat trees for your Cat to climb on and just have fun

Now if you have a small apartment and worried about it taking too much space then you should check out my article about the best Cat trees for small apartments

Heres a list of the best Cat trees you can get and Im sure your Cat will never get bored climbing and playing in

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Leave Out Some Cardboard Boxes Paper Bags And The Like

Cats really do love their cardboard boxes. All boxes for that matter, but cardboard ones do seem to have slightly more allure.

Get a lot of packages from Amazon? Visit supermarkets that have cardboard boxes for you to take free often? Grab a box or two for kitty.

Try to get different sizes, with different shapes , some without holes and some with .

Grab a diverse bunch if you have any control over the matter. Once kitty is bored of a cardboard box or bag, move it to a different location.

Turn it on its side, put two together that werent stacked next to each other before move some back to back.

Cat still bored? Throw out the cardboard boxes kittys no longer interested in and replace them with other ones if you can.

Just keep a steady stream of these different sizes and shapes coming if theyre free for you to grab anyway.

If your cat likes paper bags or re-usable shopping bags try leaving those out for kitty, too.

Again, relocate and put away if your cats gotten bored of the original location, but simple things like these can really help cats entertain themselves.

*bonus: Have One Kitty Get A Second Cat To Keep The First Company

Keep your cat entertained for hours with our crinkle cat ...

While cats are a lot more independent than many other animals, they still are social animals and often do a lot better indoors with company.

Cat lately want more attention from you than you can provide? If your living situation makes it possible, getting your cat a feline companion should definitely be considered.

Make sure whatever cat you get next has a similar temperament to the first to minimize squabbles between the two pets, and so long as your first cat is well adjusted, expect a little push back initially, but that the two will keep each other company quite well in the long run.

Worried your lap cat will no longer be as attached to you if you get a second feline? In my experience, that didnt happen when I got a second cat, though something else did .

And if your cats dont get along right away, like my second cat and first cat didnt, try reading through this guide I wrote up on how to get two cats to get along. Theres actually a lot you can do to mend a relationship between cats who arent necessarily the best personality fit.

Adopting a second cat is an option that should especially be considered if youre away for long hours at work all day and cant have anybody stop by to spend some time with your cat in the mornings.

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How To Keep A House Cat Entertained

Some cat parents prefer to keep their cats indoors


Because it can be dangerous for a Cat to wander the streets

You have no idea what can happen to them

So I guess its better to be safe than sorry

The problem that can arise from this is

Your cat does not get the chance to roam around and explore like a cat would do in the wild

How do you actually keep your house Cat entertained inside the house

You see

Cats are naturally curious creatures, and a house cat that doesnt have access to the garden has to find alternative ways to keep himself amused.

This can often lead to unwanted behaviors in the house, like your cat being destructive, too vocal, aggressive or practicing undesirable toilet habits such as peeing outside the litter box or spraying all over the house;

And these unwanted behaviors can cause problems not just for you

But for family members too

It can lead to stress among the family

Sometimes this can lead to fall outs between partners

In some cases, theres talks about getting rid of the Cat!

But this is not good for you the Cat parent and for your little Kitty


Because you being stressed can lead to your Cat being stressed too and again this can cause behavioral issues

Which is why its important to know the different ways to keep your Cat entertained at home

Lucky for you I got some great tips you can follow so make sure you carry on reading

Here are some tips to keep your house cat entertained, so that you can prevent boredom and unwanted behavior.

Increase Napping Spaces: Make Sure There Are Plenty Of Little Spots For Kitty To Get Into

This doesnt have to be complicated. Have an Ikea Kellax bookcase or something similar? Leave one spot empty near the bottom for kitty.

Regular bookshelf? Line the bottom shelf with your cats favourite blanket. He or she should take to napping there in no time.

You can also grab a cat perch/window seat for your window for your cat to spend his/her time in.

Have a couple rooms that kitty particularly loves the view from? Get one perch for each room.

Ive even seen two or more perches on the same window at different heights excellent for showing kitty the beautiful view from different vantage points.

If youve already got a number of spots your cat frequents, you might be wondering why youd need more.

The answer is simple: cats love spending a little time here and there, checking in on their favourite spot, then moving to their next favourite spot, and so on.

They can entertain themselves for hours moving from spot to spot, taking a nap here or there, checking on birds outside from different vantage points, even if its all from the same window.

Cat entertainment isnt complicated, but it does have to be well planned and as diverse as possible to make sure its hands-off from the perspective of a cat-keeper.

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