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My Cat Kicks Litter Everywhere

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Litter Took Over Our Home (Day 1048 – 10/7/12)

If you find your cat tracking litter throughout your entire house, part of the problem could be the litter itself.

The composition and consistency of the litter you’re currently using may be entirely too conducive to sticking on your kitty’s paws.

Experiment with litters, but be sure your cat likes the one you settle on, too. If your cat doesn’t find the texture to their taste, they may find somewhere else to eliminate.

Does The Type Of Litterbox Make A Difference

It can. If your cats litter box is too small, your kitty may be uncomfortable and turn around and around looking for a good spot to go in. A small litter box also means that when the cat does dig, there’s nowhere for the kitty litter mess to go except on the floor, creating another litter box problem. It also helps if the litter box has high sides, as these will catch some of the cat litter that is thrown around.

One of many litter box cleaning hacks, a simple answer to the problem is to get a larger litter box with a hood, which is like a separate room for your cat to go in. Whatever litter box type you use, always make sure to put in the right amount of cat litter. Too much, and you eliminate the benefits of a box with higher sides. Too little, and your cat doesn’t have enough to absorb their urine or cover their litter mess .

The 7 Main Reasons Why Cats Pee Everywhere Except Their Litter Box

When cats skip the litter box and pee on the floor, it frustrates their owners. They dont only need to clean the house constantly, but the strong smell also negatively impacts the guests. But, first of all, its crucial to find out why my cats pee everywhere? So, below given are some reasons why cats pee outside the litter box.

  • Medical Issues
  • If your cat is peeing outside the litter box, cats might have some health issues. Most commonly, cats do this when they suffer from diabetes, kidney disease, and urinary tract infection. There can be other health issues as well. Anything that will put your cat in discomfort can be the reason for your cat peeing everywhere.

    When cats get older, they suffer from severe arthritis issues, and they find it challenging to get into a litter box. Moreover, any change in litter box habits can annoy your cats, and theyll refuse to use it. So, if youre not sure about whether medical issues are causing your cat to pee outside or not, consult your vet. Theyll take some blood and urine samples to find if its due to a medical issue.

  • Dirty Litter Box
  • Cats dont want to use a dirty and smelly litter box. When you dont maintain a clean litter box, cats will find other places to do their business. If there is no medical issue in cats, then a dirty litter box might be the reason your cat is peeing on the floor.

  • A Hard to Reach Litter Box
  • Type of Litter
  • Presence of Multiple Pets in Home
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Old Urine Smells
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    Make Sure Litter Stays Clean

    As mentioned above, dirty litter is one of the reasons why cats create mess every after they use the litter box. This is because they try their hardest trying to find a clean area to dig, eliminate, and cover. The more they dig, the more likely it is for litter to scatter outside the litter box.

    I recommend that you scoop litter daily, at least once or twice a day. If you can scoop out litter every time to maintain the cleanliness, then dont be afraid to do so. Also, getting a stainless steel litter pan is helpful.

    This will not only be beneficial to you but also for your cat. It also eliminates any future problems, such as your cat finding an alternative spot to eliminate.

    Clean Around The Litter Box

    5 Best Litter Boxes For Cats That Kick Litter

    Along with cleaning the litter box itself, you may want to invest in a lightweight stick or handheld vacuum that allows you to easily clean around your cats litter box every day. The less litter that finds a way onto the surrounding flooring, the less litter your cat will drag through your home.

    You should do a quick vacuum around the immediate area of your litter box at least once a day to minimize tracking. If its a hard floor, you may need to wipe it up every day or two to remove any litter that sticks to the floor, and you cant pull up with your vacuum.

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    How To Stop Cat From Kicking Litter Everywhere

    Cat owners know well about the fact that they sometimes scatter litter without any reason. The owner can say about the reason for such behavior. This is an annoying habit as it needs extra time for cleaning. New owners could be worried about if cat kicking litter everywhere. But it is a simple behavior that a cat does.

    Cats are of different sizes, shapes and colors. Wild cats usually hide their wastes under the soil. On the other hand, domestic cats need not to do that as their owner gets the job done. That is why they sometimes get lazy and do not move around much like wild cats.

    For cleaning purposes, you have to stop cat from kicking litter everywhere. Today we are going to discuss cats behavior about scattering litter all around.

    Get Higher Walls On Your Litter Box

    Litter boxes come with a huge variety of wall heights that range from a shallow tray to higher walls. You want to get a litter box with higher walls or even a top entry litter box because this can prevent the litter from spilling out if your cat chooses to dig or kick it up when they go in.

    Some litter boxes even come with snap-on attachments that increase the litter boxs wall height, and it makes them easy to clean and maintain. Look for a litter box that is higher but easy enough for your cat to get in and out of without a problem.

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    Why Having A Larger Litter Box Can Prevent Litter Tracking

    Some cats will track litter around the house if their litter box is too small. There is a correlation between the size of the litter box and how much litter ends up outside of it. Larger boxes can reduce tracking because your cat will generally spend less time digging to cover their waste, and more time inside, away from walking on the floor to cover it up.

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    Why Is My Vacuum Kicking Back Dirt

    Cat Pees Outside Litter Box

    Sometimes the belt on a vacuum cleaner eventually cracks or splits, causing the vacuum to lose suction, which can cause dirt to blow back out of the unit during use. To investigate, disconnect power and lower the cleaner head, then turn the vacuum cleaner over and remove the belt cover on the cleaning head.

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    When Play Actually Means Play

    With all of that being said, extremely young kittens or younger cats who may not have been in a place where they had dedicated litter trays may not realize what the litter is for. These younger cats are doing exactly what a toddler does when he or she realizes that it can drop things in the toilet. Younger cats will find the litter to be interesting and may take a little bit of time out of their day to investigate what the strange material could be. This can involve a cat taking a bite or two of litter , or it could be your cat digging in the litter for no reason at all. Typically, once a cat realizes what the litter is for and optimally sees another cat using the box, its instincts will kick in and ensure the cat associates the litter box for doing its business and not as a sandbox. If your younger cat doesnt grow out of this phase of kittenhood, you may need to look further into the situation.

    If your kitten is playing in its litter and getting it everywhere, you may want to consider getting a top-down litter box, or a litter box with high sides so that it wont kick the litter everywhere while it plays.

    Scoop Dirty Litter On A Daily Basis

    Cats like the areas where they relieve themselves to be nice and clean. If the litter box is dirty and full of old poop, your cat will begin their dig to China in order to find a clean area, kicking out litter in the process.

    To prevent your cat from scraping around for a clean area, scoop out any dirty litter on a daily basis. Doing so will also help eliminate odors and cut down on cat allergens in the home.

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    Size Of The Litter Box

    Always choose a litter box that feels comfortable for the cat. They should have sufficient space in the box so that they can spread their legs in the litter box. They should live there without any bumping.

    Touching the body with the sides of the box wall is annoying for cats. They feel discomfort over there. Replace a new and large box in replacement of the old one.

    Cats grow with time. Therefore, it needs a bigger box when they are old. Measure the cat first and then buy a box that is larger in dimensions.

    Help How Can I Stop My Cat From Getting Litter Everywhere

    How to Stop Cat From Kicking Litter Everywhere (7 Key Tips)

    Walking about your home only to find your cats litter spread all around the household? Its time you need to know how can you stop your cat from getting litter everywhere.

    Imagine having to enter the house after a long day only to walk on a carpet of cat litter! While the feeling is certainly nerve-racking, it might make you wonder why your cat does it?

    Having a litter box with a cat as your pet is quite essential but what if you find the litter everywhere around your floor and carpet? How can you stop your cat from getting litter everywhere?

    We help you fix the dilemma by suggesting a number of techniques you can try to stop your cat from getting litter everywhere and keeping your house and floorings clean.

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    Think Outside The Box

    Wild cats exhibit the same behaviors as pet cats, but they do not have to deal with the constraints of a litterbox. I used to study feral cat behavior and observed numerous cats as they went about their business eliminating on a dairy farm. On the farm, where the cats were exposed to many litter substrates, they tended to dig in the finer substrates, such as sand and dirt, but they did not do this in grass or gravel. They were also able to fully extend their legs to rake the desired substrate, which they are usually unable to do in commercial litterboxes. Cats tend to spend more time manipulating the substrate they prefer.

    Is It Bad To Keep Your Cat In A Room At Night

    It’s fine to leave your cat alone in a room at night if he or she is comfortable with it. It isn’t enough to simply lock them in you must also prepare the room, the cat, and yourself. You’ll need to take your time acclimating them to their new living circumstances and making sure they’re never stressed out.

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    Why Does My Cat Kick Litter Out

    To begin with, it is important to understand the reasons why a cat might kick litter our of their box. Understand a cat’s behavior in general is a pre-adoption necessity. Getting prepared for the cat’s arrival means we can know what to expect and what to avoid. Equally, every cat is an individual. They may exhibit certain behavior which is specific to themselves. Fortunately, getting to know our cat’s personality is one of the most rewarding aspects of cat ownership.

    Cats will kick litter out of their box because they are trying to bury their urine and/or feces. When a cat uses its litter box it usually follows this routine: they inspect the litter for cleanliness, they dig a little to make a divot, they urinate/defecate and finally scratch at the litter to cover their expulsion. How forcefully this occurs will depend on the individual cat. Some scoop a little over the top, others may be a little more energetic.

    It is important to know this behavior is completely normal. Wild felines and many other animals carry it out also. Cats bury their stool for two main reasons:

    • They are very clean animals
    • They want to avoid the attention of predators or other cats

    Consider Changing The Litter Box

    Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Review – AnimalPetLover6

    As Ive mentioned above, the litter box might be the culprit of your problem. So, if you think it is, then dont hesitate to buy a new one. Choose one that has high sides or enclosed, and has big enough space for your cat.

    Just changing the litter box your cat is currently using can do wonders. There are litter boxes that come with features that clean up cat paws too. You may also want to look that up.

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    Place A Mat Under The Litter Box

    Mats are a protective way to keep the litter from getting everywhere outside the box. Your cat may move in and out of the litter pan several times a day which may lead to scattering of litter around the house, your carpets, and flooring.

    Placing a scatter mat around the litter box will keep litter from sticking to your cats paws and trap it on the mat. Therefore, your cat will not be able to spread litter everywhere while he moves in and out of the box.

    Consider A Litter Box With High Sides

    Some cats, such as small kittens and senior cats who aren’t as agile, may have difficulty with a litter box that has high sides.

    For all other cats, this is a great way to cut down the amount of litter your cat is tracking outside of the litter box. The high sides act as a guard for when your cat gets really into the whole burying process.

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    Clean The Litter Box More Frequently

    As we know that, cat is a very clean animal. It always licks its fur to get rid of dirt. It wants its sitting place to be neat and clean. To make sure that the place is clean, the cat scatter litters with its paws. It thinks that cleaner liters are in the deep portion of the box.

    That is why it sometimes digs the place to make sure cleanliness. While digging it has no idea when to stop and thus some amount of clean litter also comes out of the box and makes the floor dirty. So clean frequently cats poop from litter using alitter scooper.

    Is It Ok To Flush Cat Poop Down The Toilet

    12 of the Best Cat Litter Boxes

    Even though it may seem like a good idea, you should not be flushing your cat’s litter or feces down the toilet. It can cause havoc on your plumbing, clog pipes, and damage your septic system. … Cat waste can contain a nasty parasite called Toxoplasma which can cause some serious health problems to humans.

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    How To Prevent A Cat From Kicking Litter Out Of The Box

    Hygiene is likely the biggest problem for excessive litter scratching in their box. As we have stated, cats are especially clean creatures. There is little they hate more than dirt. You can see this by the fact they spend so much time licking and preening themselves. With the standards they keep for their bodies, they will expect similar standards with their litter box.

    In the wild, cats will many more options of places to bury their waste. Even so, even big cats such as Bengal tigers will urinate on mounds and then spread the sand. They do this to announce their presence and ward off rivals.

    In the case of domestic cats, they do not have as many options. Some may go outside if they have access to the outdoors. However, if their indoor litter box is not sufficiently clean, they may feel as if they don’t have enough space to do their business. This might cause them to scratch at the litter a lot to try to find an appropriate place to go. This isn’t a behavioral problem with the cat, but a result of our poor guardianship.

    It is imperative we keep the cat’s litter box as clean as possible. If you increase the amount of time you spend cleaning up their box and changing the litter, you might find they will scratch less.

    Why Does My Cat Kick Litter Out Of The Box

    You may live with a cat whose litter box habits are nothing short of spectacular, where not one particle of litter makes its way out of the box. Maybe youre not so lucky though. Perhaps your cat sends mounds of litter out of the box and onto the floor where you manage to step on it every time you walk by. He may kick so enthusiastically that litter shoots halfway across the room. Why do some cats do that and is there anything you can do to discourage this behavior?

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