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How To Apply Topical Flea Treatment To Cats

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Why Choose A Topical Flea Treatment For Cats

Flea Treatment for Cats!! How to Apply Revolution for Cats

Though there are several types of treatments available that combat fleas in felines, many owners end up opting for a topical solution because its convenient and cost-effective.

Topical medicines offer long lasting relief from fleas in most cases. Theyre easy to apply, just at the base of the head, between the shoulder blades and can last for up to 30 days.

Most topical medicines are capable of stopping fleas biting within three to five minutes of being applied and can kill 99 per cent or more of fleas within a 12 hour period.

Theres something about a topical treatment that feels more natural than using capsules for flea treatment, and some owners are opposed to using collars with flea prevention properties even though the best collars are often viable method of tackling fleas.

Hartz Ultraguard Topical Flea & Tick Prevention For Cats And Kittens

$ as of February 7, 2022 7:28 am


  • FOR CATS OVER 1.5 POUNDS: Catego is a safe and effective formula for cats that kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and chewing lice. May be used on cats as young as 8 weeks old
  • FAST RELIEF: Catego kills fleas in just 6 hours compared to other brands that take 12 hours
  • LONG LASTING MEDICINE: Your cat will be rid of those unwanted guests for 30 days
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Catego has a unique combination of three proven active ingredients Dinotefuran, Fipronil, and Pyriproxyfen
  • EASY TO APPLY: The patented applicator makes it easy to apply and minimizes risk of skin abrasion. The formula is non greasy, quick drying, and is small in volume ensuring no medicine is wasted

Your Home Hasnt Been Treated For Fleas

In conjunction with topical flea treatments, you need to treat your home to provide the best defense against fleas.

Most flea preventions do not repel fleas. Flea preventions kill fleas either by direct contact with the fleas or from the fleas feeding on your pet.

New fleas from the environment canand willjump onto your pet to feed. So, its extremely important to treat your pets environment, too. And its not just adult fleas you need to watch out for, because they only make up less than 5 percent of the flea population.

You should be treating your home for adults plus the other 95 percentflea eggs, flea larvae and flea pupae.

Flea eggs and larvae can live in the environment for days or weeks. It is best to regularly vacuum all the locations of your home where your pet spends time, wash all bedding in hot water, and keep your pets on flea prevention.

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Do Not Use Flea Preventatives For Dogs On Your Cat

Many flea treatments for dogs are toxic for cats. Ingredients like permethrin are commonly included in dog flea and tick treatments, which can actually kill cats.

Always follow the instructions on the products label with regards to dosing amounts and frequency unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian.

Best Area Spray: Virbac Knockout Area Treatment Spray

Advantage Flea Control for Cats
  • Kills more than just adult fleas

  • Continues killing multiple flea life stages for several months after application

  • Gets into hard-to-clean places in the home where fleas hide

  • Must remove all pets and people from the home before using

  • May need more than one bottle for multiple living spaces

If your cat has fleas, odds are your home also has them so youll need an effective area spray to treat your cats inside environment. The Virbac Knockout spray contains an insect growth regulator to kill not only the adult fleas but the eggs and larvae, too. It lasts in the home for up to four months to prevent future infestations, but is not meant to be applied to a cat or any other pet. Your pets should be removed from the house before spraying this aerosolized treatment spray. Once it dries, your pets can return to their space.

Revolution Plus offers the most complete parasite prevention in a single application. It lasts for one month, contains no pyrethrins, permethrins, or pyrethroids, and contains a small amount of quick-drying, alcohol-based liquid. Your cat will be protected from fleas, ticks, heartworms, ear mites, and intestinal parasites by simply applying Revolution Plus once a month.

If you have live fleas that you need to kill quickly, Comfortis is your best option since it works within 30 minutes, and this chewable tablet will then continue working for up to one month, just like Revolution Plus.

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Advantage Ii Flea Prevention For Small Cats

  • 6-month supply of advantage II flea prevention for small cats 5 to 9 pounds
  • Easy-to-apply and pre-measured application tubes, fragrance-free and waterproof after 24 hours
  • Advantage II 6-dose small cat flea prevention kills fleas through contact, meaning fleas dont have to bite your cat in order to die.
  • Starts working within 12 hours and protects your cat for up to 30 days.
  • Vet recommended, fragrance free and designed specifically to treat and prevent fleas on cats

Open The Advantage Ii Safely

Next, now open the Advantage II tube by first pulling its cap, turn it around and finally puncturing the tube.

Advantage II will thus treat existing fleas on the cat while also preventing the incidence of another infestation. Further, the treatment will prevent the occurrence of skin conditions such as flea allergy dermatitis.

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How To Give A Cat Hairball Gel

Fleas are a frustrating nuisance for cat owners, infesting the entire house and possibly giving your pet intestinal worms in the process. Regular treatment prevents the little bloodsuckers from making camp on your cat’s back, but sometimes applying the monthly spot-on treatments requires stamina, perseverance and incredible willpower.

Petsradar’s Pick Of The Best Topical Flea Treatments For Cats

How to Apply Flea & Tick Topical Treatments
Reasons to avoid

The Frontline spot-on treatment is an extremely popular topical flea treatment. Its vet-strength formula is safe, fast-working and easy to apply.

Once treatment is applied, any fleas that dare to jump onto your cat will be killed within 24 hours, and ticks will be killed within 48 hours, which will prevent infestations. It also kills lice, which live and feed on a cats skin.

Like all spot on treatment, the formula is applied with a pipette, which makes it a bit easier for jumpy and restless cats who dont like to make these sorts of things easy. Simply empty the contents of the pipette onto your cats skin at the back of their neck, so they dont lick it off, and it will spread itself around.

The treatment comes in one, three and six-dose packs. One three-dose pack will provide your cat with three months of protection.

The formula can be safely used on kittens weighing more than one kg, from eight weeks old, including cats that are pregnant.

And as long as you dont bathe your cat more than once a week, nothing should affect the efficacy of this popular product.

Reasons to avoid

Beaphar Fiprotec Spot On solution is one of the better value options for flea treatments available on shelves and online today. It kills fleas and ticks on your cat as you apply it and for up to five weeks after that although, its recommended you reapply the solution every four weeks, just to be safe.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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How Long After Flea Treatment Can I Pet My Cat

You can usually cuddle and pet your cat immediately after receiving an oral flea prevention medication. Topical products can take a few hours to soak into the skin layer.

Avoid petting your cat for 24-48 hours in the spot where you applied a topical medication. These treatments arent harmful for humans, but its important that as little as possible is removed from the cat and soaked through human skin.

Additionally, your cat should remain dry for at least 24 hours after a topical flea medication has been applied. Avoid applying the treatment if your cat goes outside in snowy or rainy weather. Alternatively, keep your cat inside for 24 hours after applying the medicine to his or her skin

When In Doubt Ask Your Vet

The right treatment depends on your location, your activities, and your pets medical history. Pet owners who hike with their dogs have different needs than those who have house cats. Avoid just grabbing any box off the shelfinstead talk with your vet, who will be aware of recent pest outbreaks in the area, product recalls, and your pets medical history. All pesticides have risks, from skin irritation to seizures. We recommend only FDA-approved or EPA-registered treatments that both kill and protect against pests. All are regulated to ensure safety and efficacy, said Dr. Jennifer Welser of . Treatments that both destroy and defend against pests ensure that your pet is protected 24/7.

If your pet has a minor reaction to the flea and tick product, such as application site discomfort, dont freak out. I do see topical site reactions and its not common, but some animals just have more sensitive skin than others, said Dr. Tierra Price, whos a shelter veterinarian and the founder of the BlackDVM Network. She added that its best to consult your vet before switching to a different flea and tick treatment if youre worried about side effects.

Our experts said pet owners shouldnt dismiss these products entirely. Its possible there were multiple factors that could contribute to problems, noted Jennifer Gervais, a pesticide specialist with the National Pesticide Information Center, an EPA partner. We just dont know.

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Hazards To Domestic Animals:

For External Use on Cats Only. Do not use on kittens less than 12 weeks old and less than 5lbs. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals.Certain medications can interact with pesticides. Consult a veterinarian before using on medicated cats. Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur, bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately.Due to the bitter taste of the product, oral exposure could result in salivation. Be careful not to get any product in the cats mouth during application. For multiple cat households, prevent the cats from grooming each other until the product has dried. If the salivation continues or other clinical signs are noted, please call 1-800-275-1414.

Why Do You Put Flea Treatment On The Back Of The Neck

How to Safely and Effectively Apply Dog Flea Treatments ...

The reason you apply it to the back of their neck is to prevent them itching it away, this is important for its even distribution. Use the recommended dose on each dog, dont share pipettes if you have more than one dog. Wait 24 hours before bathing your dog to ensure the solution is distributed properly.

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What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Cheristin

Side effects may include application site reactions such as hair loss, hair change or redness, inflammation and itching. Other side effects such as inactivity, vomiting and loss of appetite have also been reported. View product label for complete safety information and always talk with your veterinarian.

Flea Shampoos Are Unnecessary

“Nowadays, flea shampoos are rarely if ever needed because the topical and oral flea products are much more effective and safer,” Sawyer said. “For flea-infested animals, we typically give a fast-acting oral product such as nitenpyram and follow with a bath in Dawn dish detergent or another mild cat shampoo. You can use a flea comb to assist in removing dead fleas and flea dirt .”

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Not All Of Your Pets Are On Flea Treatment

Dont forget to treat all of the dogs and cats in your house, not just the itchy ones.

Some pets will scratch more than others, but if one pet in the house has fleas, they all have fleas. All of your pets will need to stay on flea medication to prevent reinfestation.

Just because you dont see a flea doesnt mean they dont have fleas or dont need to be on flea treatment.

Prevention Of Flea Control Product Toxicity In Dogs And Cats

How to Apply Flea & Tick Topical Medication to a Pet

Most flea control product toxicities are a result of not following label directions. Prior to using a flea control product, always consult with your family veterinarian as well as confirm the product is appropriate for the species, weight, and age of your pet. Cats are more sensitive to the toxic effects of pyrethrums and organophosphates than dogs, so take care when using flea control products of any type on a cat, and never use a product intended for a dog on a cat.

Additionally, since kittens and puppies are more sensitive than adult cats and dogs, be sure to use flea control products approved for kittens and puppies, as many have age restrictions and are not approved for use at young ages.

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Can A Flea Collar Harm Your Cat

The safety of flea and tick collars has been in the news lately, specifically the bestselling Seresto flea and tick collar, which was developed by Bayer and is now sold by Elanco Animal Health. On March 2, 2021, USA Today and the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting published a report maintaining that the Seresto collar has been linked to thousands of adverse incidents, including pet deaths and incidents of harm to humans.

The Center for Biological Diversity filed a legal petition in April urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to cancel the registration of the Seresto flea and tick collar. A week later, the American Veterinary Medical Association published an article addressing the controversy surrounding the Seresto collar. According to the AVMA, Seresto’s “manufacturer has defended the collars as safe and effective, and veterinary experts say they have seen no cause for alarm.”

Additionally, Elanco published a statement on its website calling the media coverage “misleading” and stating that the company stands by the product. “All data and scientific evaluation used during the product registration process and through Elanco’s robust pharmacovigilance review supports the product’s safety profile and efficacy,” the statement reads.

What Decisions Do You Need To Make Before Buying A Flea Treatment For Your Cat

  • Method of application: Effective flea treatments usually come in oral or topical form. Theres not much difference in terms of effectiveness, so its up to you whether you think that its easier to rub oil on your cats neck or get them to eat a tablet.
  • Impact on life cycle: Some treatments only kill adult fleas, while others kill adult fleas and eggs and larvae. The latter will work faster because you may see a brief recurrence of fleas if you use a treatment that only targets adult bugs, as any existing eggs will hatch a few days or weeks after application. In the end, both types will kill all the fleas on your cat, though.
  • Effectiveness on other parasites: Some treatments only kill fleas, while others can take out ticks, mites, and other bugs as well. If you have an outdoor cat, youll likely want one that protects against a wide range of parasites, but if you only have a flea problem, you might be better off using a more targeted formula.

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How Topical Flea Treatments Work

The active ingredients differ in strength and in their mechanism from brand to brand, though most are insecticides designed specifically to target the fleas nervous system.

Insecticides work through paralyzing the flea by overstimulating their nervous system. This leads to fast acting relief for your cat, and eventual death for the adult fleas.

Many topical flea serums contain other active ingredients that work to break down flea eggs and larvae as a way of combating the whole life-cycle.

The best topical flea treatments for cats work on contact, meaning they only need to brush against a flea to take effect. There are some treatments that require the flea to consume the liquid, and those are generally less fast-acting.

Petarmor Plus For Dogs Flea And Tick Prevention For Dogs

Vethical Paradyne For Your Cat, Topical Parasiticide from VCA
  • EFFECTIVE, WATERPROOF FLEA TREATMENT FOR DOGS: PetArmor Plus is a waterproof, flea & tick topical prevention for dogs that kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, and chewing lice for up to 30 days after application.
  • TRUSTED, VET QUALITY* FORMULA: Containing fipronil and -methoprene, the same active ingredients as FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs.
  • BREAK THE FLEA CYCLE: Unlike other flea and tick treatments that may temporarily suppress flea activity, PETARMOR Plus Dog Flea Treatment works by effectively breaking the flea life cycle! Kill flea eggs and larvae to prevent re-infestation.
  • FAST ACTNG LONG-LASTING FLEA AND TICK PROTECTION: One application of PetArmor Plus lasts up to 30 days nose to tail.
  • EASY-TO-USE, LONG-LASTING: PetArmor Plus flea and tick treatment comes with three waterproof topical applications that provides your pet flea protection and control for three months.

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Tevrapet Firstact Plus Flea And Tick Topical For Cats Over 15lbs 3 Dose Flea And Tick Prevention Waterproof Flea And Tick Control For 3 Months

$ as of February 7, 2022 7:28 am


  • Proven formula – Contains fipronil and -Methoprene, the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus for cats
  • Effective – This flea and tick topical kills fleas, flea eggs and larvae, chewing lice, and all stages of ticks including those that may transmit Lyme disease
  • Waterproof – use on your cat monthly, no need to reapply after swimming or bathing
  • 3 month supply – includes 3 applicators for 3 months of flea and tick Prevention Apply these flea drops Once every 30 days
  • Trusted quality – made in Germany in a certified eu-gmp facility, tested to meet rigorous standards of quality and consistency

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