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Wayfair Cat Litter Box Furniture

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New Age Pet Ecoflex Habitat N’ Home Litter Loo

My Minimalist Home Makeover ~ Step #2 ~ Declutter my Laundry/Cat Room New Cat Litter Boxes

Looking to hide your cat’s litter box in your laundry room, bathroom, or mudroom? Try New Age Pet’s ecoFLEX Habitat N’ Home Litter Loo! Its compact design keeps your litter box tucked out of sight without wasting an inch. You can even place a cat bed on top to save even more floor space! The durable, easy-to-clean, urine- and moisture-resistant ecoFLEX material comes in your choice of grey, antique white, russet, and espresso finishes.

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Tucker Murphy Pet Plotkin Cat Walk And Pet House Litter Box Enclosure

Tucker Murphy Pet’s Plotkin Cat Walk and Pet House Litter Box Enclosure is designed with small spaces in mind. The contemporary cabinet fits a small litter box while offering plenty of storage on the flat top and inside the top storage drawer. Cat-shaped entrances on each side give cats easy access when it’s time to go. It’s crafted from crisp white manufactured wood with a slatted cabinet door for adequate airflow.

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Set Up A Stylish Home For Your Cat’s Litter Box

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If you have cats, you already know they rule the roost. And while you likely wouldnt have it any other way, it would be nice if you didnt have to stare at an ugly litter box. Fortunately, theres a solution: litter box enclosures, also sometimes referred to as litter box furniture.

Litter box enclosures are aesthetically pleasing pieces of furnituresome are made of wood, others are made of plastic, engineered wood, or laminatethat cover up your cats litter box and turn it into a decor piece. Some even have extra storage or a large top surface that you can decorate or use as a bench. And since most are moisture-resistant and ventilated, you dont have to worry about odor, as long as you keep the litter box clean.

Here are the best litter box enclosures for your cat .

Material: Wood | Outer Dimensions: 19 x 21 x 20 inches | CatEntrance Size: 7.5 x 8.5 inches

  • No place to store extra litter or scoop

  • Cant fit an oversized litter box

The enclosure even comes with a litter-catching mat that you can place at the entrance, so when your cat is exiting, they can continue to roam around the house with clean paws.

Frosted Lucite Acrylic Modern Cat Litter Box Cover/table

Modern Cat Designs Large Cat Litter Box Enclosure ...

This frosted acrylic cat litter box cover is a stylish and modern way to hide your kitty litter box. Perfect for any space, this study, thick, frosted Lucite cover is modern and discreet. The back panel features a u-shaped opening that allow you cat to in and out while providing privacy and ample air flow. This elegant litter box cover and use as a modern side table or cat perch.

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Modern Design Wooden Loftwalk

This modern design wood loft is the perfect pace for your cat to use litter box and hide. Made from sturdy thick Baltic birch plywood material with UV coated surface. What you will LOVE about this with the upper and lower level, it helps remove litter particle from your cat’s paw as your cat leaves, so it can help keep your house clean. Super easy to assemble and you can purchase it fully assembled. This litter box enclosure is perfect for any box size that is smaller than 17.0″ x 23.0″ x 12.0″ .

Furniture And Hidden Litter Boxes

Cat litter boxes can be an eyesore, but here at Petco we have solutions for keeping them out of sight and out of mind. Litter box cabinets are designed to fit in with your home décor. Your guests might not even notice that your new piece of furniture is concealing a litter box and maybe even a bag of cat litter. Some of our hidden litter boxes even include storage drawers for liners and scoops to keep all of your supplies together in one convenient place.

As you shop, keep in mind that you are essentially bringing a new piece of furniture into your home. Plan out where you’d like it to go considering its size, style and color. At Petco, you can find attractive walnut and espresso finishes as well as classic black and white. Your litter box furniture can double as an end table, coffee table or stand. Simply open up the cabinet door when its time to clean or dispose of your litter box. Petco carries many different styles of cat litter boxes and pans, including self-cleaning litter boxes, to suit your preferences and your cat’s needs.

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Best For Small Spaces: Tucker Murphy White Plotkin Cat Walk And Pet House Litter Box Enclosure

Material: Wood | Outer Dimensions: 20 x 18.15 x 37.7 inches | CatEntrance Size: 8.5 x 8.5 inches

  • Vertical design is good for small spaces

  • Cute cat-shaped cut out opening

  • Has an extra storage drawer

  • Thin material that can be a little wobbly

  • Might be a tight squeeze for larger cats

If youre short on space, but cant stand looking at the litter box out in the open, the Tucker Murphy White Plotkin Cat Walk and Pet House Litter Box Enclosure is the perfect solution. Rather than a single open space, its vertical, multi-functional design also features an inside shelf and a top storage drawer. You can use the extra space to hide away the litter scoop and plastic baggies, or use it to store pet items that you have no other spot for, like nail trimmers. Theres also an option to leave the inner shelf out, if your cat is particularly tall and you want more vertical space.

The bottom shelf fits a small standard size litter box and the cat-shaped entrances on both sides allow your kitty to easily climb in and out no matter which direction hes coming from.

  • Bench only holds 50 pounds, so you cant sit on it

  • Expensive

Arf Pets Designer Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Way Basics Assembly Video – Cat Litter Box


The Arf Pets Designer Litter Box Cabinet is a stylish, classic piece of furniture that doubles as a bathroom shelf or end table. If you have an older cat, or one that doesnt like to jump, this is the enclosure for you. The litter box entrance is only 5 inches off the ground, and wide enough for cats to easily move in and out.

Key Features:

  • Includes a charcoal filter that naturally deodorizes
  • Available in three colors: nickel, white, titanium
  • Dimensions: 20L x 24W x 19H


  • Box is 50% larger than a standard sized litter box
  • Grooved steps reduce litter tracking while your cat exits
  • Petmate is a trusted brand for cat products
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes


  • As the dome itself is a litter box, you wont be able to use any existing boxes you have

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The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture For Every Small Space

Let’s face it. Litter boxes don’t make the most attractive home decor. Not only do they look undesirable, but they also waste space and detract from your other furniture in the process. So if you’re looking to hide your cat’s litter box in style, it’s time to upgrade to a piece of practical cat litter box furniture.

A litter box enclosure is the perfect solution to keep your cat’s litter box out of sight, reduces litter tracking, and provides your cat a bit of privacy while they potty. Plus, many products also offer a convenient place to store litter box accessories and display photos, lamps, and other cute tabletop decorations.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best cat litter box furniture options on the market today. With everything from stylish cabinets to compact litter box covers to choose from, there’s something for every living space.

How To Choose The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture

Design expert Kara offers up some key tips for choosing litter box furniture:

Start by looking at your space, and consider all excess space options ideally away from walkways, or large conversation spots. Then, measure that nook/corner, and start exploring options online, she said.

Keeping with your general design aesthetic is important. Kara suggested a process of questions and answers about your design preferences: Do you have a mid-century modern style going on? Look for a stylish option with thin legs and clean lines. Or, is your style more traditional farmhouse? Look for a stylish option with gentle distressing and warm woods. Stick to the general color scheme and wood choices that you already have in your home.

But styling your pet accessories goes beyond just litter box enclosures. I always encourage my clients to find beautiful cat dishes, placemats and cat beds . Try to think about all these items as decor for your home, instead of only being practical and necessary, Kara added.

In Ivys case, she already knew she loved simplicity with some funky shapes mixed in, and that she wanted Minks litter box to match her style. The igloo hidden litter box was the ideal choice for her Manhattan bedroom.

Claires situation also fit the bill. She wanted a practical box that vibed with her living rooms industrial design aesthetic for Rosie, and the faux-wood cabinet hidden in a dark corner of her space proved to be perfect.

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Buying Guide For Cat Litter Box Furniture & Enclosures

If theres one thing cat owners can universally agree on, its how difficult it is to maintain a litter box. Though simple in design and function, litter boxes are ugly, messy, and can smell no matter how often you clean them.

Enter cat litter box furniture and enclosures, a way for cat parents to hide their cats litter box inside an inconspicuous piece of furniture. Enclosures come in a variety of styles to match your decor, spaces, and cats, and include features that minimize odor and litter tracking.

Below, youll find a guide on how to shop for litter box enclosures, including an overview of different styles, and what to look for in a hidden litter box.

Ace Litter Box Enclosure

Shop Wayfair for Litter Boxes &  Enclosures to match every ...

The more compact version of the Ace litter box enclosure is meant to suit smaller spaces or single-cat homes. It doesn’t have a towel bar, so it would look equally good as a side table in a living room or den. Pick from one of four chic colorways, including the pictured moody hue.

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Pet Gear Pro Pawty Cat Litter Box Cover

If youre looking for a simple way to cover up your cats litter box, take a look at the Pet Gear Pro Pawty. This waterproof enclosure requires zero assembly, and quickly folds up for easy storage and travel. An included LitterTrax mat also collects any stray litter in the box, while mesh windows provide airflow inside.

Key Features:

  • Litter box enclosure made of water resistant nylon
  • Inside is lined with a LitterTrax mat, a material that captures stray litter automatically
  • Available in two colors: charcoal or espresso
  • Folds up for travel or storage
  • Dimensions: 26L x 26W x 25.5H


  • Technically not furniture wont blend in as well with your decor compared to others
  • Pricey for a nylon enclosure

Cat Litter Boxes Can Be Chic

Having a litter box doesnt mean you have to forgo fancy design pieces for your home decor you may just be able to combine then.

Take Ivy Kenton, a Manhattan resident and proud owner of cuddly Burmese beauty Mink. She shares her two-bedroom apartment with a roommate and out of respect, chooses to keep Minks litter box in her bedroom.

I wanted something that would hide the litter completely and fit into my room as more of a decor piece, Ivy told betterpet. And after researching modern litter boxes, she finally found the perfect one: a Japanese cat igloo.

At first, one might thinka cat igloo? But really, this designer catbox is genius. After all, the igloo completely hides the litter and makes a design statement, and Mink seems to love it. And, Ivy gets to wake up every day and look at her Japanese igloo art sculpture instead of a stinky plastic box full of sand.

According to interior designer and home stylist Kara Haren of Along Came Lennox, Ivys got the right idea. I highly recommend that my clients look at their pet necessities such as litter box furniture as part of their home look and try to incorporate them aesthetically into the cohesiveness of their home. We want our spaces to be something we feel happy in and proud of, she said.

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Handmade Wicker Cat Litter Enclosure

If you got a BOHO home design going on then you must check out this homemade wicker cat litter box enclosure. With the natural wicker and rattan materials, this litter enclosure will blend right in your home decor while hide an unsightly box without your guest knowing there is one is sight. And unless other cat litter enclosure furniture out on the market, this one is made with love in Vietnam!

Tucker Murphy Pet Rinaldi Litter Box Enclosure

Tiny Condo Living/Dining Makeover For Under $300 | DIY Ikea Kitty Litter Box Hack | The Home Primp

This practical Tucker Murphy Pet Rinaldi Litter Box Enclosure is the perfect size for a small apartment. Double French doors swing open for easy clean-up. A circular side opening allows your cat to enter and exit freely without opening the doors. The flat top is ideal for displaying books, plants, lamps, and other cute tabletop decors. Its sleek, mid-century modern design and small footprint is available in your choice of espresso with orange doors, grey wood with white doors, and all-white.

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Best For Litter Tracking: Trixie 2

  • Cant use the shelf for storage

  • Magnetic closure isnt the sturdiest

The Trixie 2-Story Wooden Cat Litter Box Enclosure is the solution for kitties who love to track litter everywhere they go. The two-story design and second floor opening forces your cat to come in contact with another surface before exiting the litter cabinet, reducing the amount of litter that makes it outside of the box and onto your floors . You can add a litter mat to the landing to reduce litter tracking even more.

Made of engineered wood, this litter enclosure is resistant to moisture and comes with additional ventilation holes that help dissipate moisture and any resulting smells. It comes in two colorswhite and espressoso you can coordinate with your decor.

  • Doesnt fit large litter boxes

  • Because theres no bottom panel, litter can collect on the floor

If you prefer plastic over wood or engineered wood, the Palram CATSHIRE Enclosed Cat Litter Box Washroom is the obvious choice. Made of Palboard, a multi-layered PVC sheet, with a laminated particle board, this litter box enclosure can stand up to anything. Labeled as pee-proof, its resistant to moisture and acidity, so if your cat accidentally misses the box, you can wipe it right down and there will be no harm done.

Unique Round Bedside Wood Table

If you are seeking a multi-functional cat litter exclosure box then you must check this one out. The round tabletop allow you to use this as nightstand, end table or storage cabinet while being your cat litter box furniture. Made from high quality particleboard, it is durable and can be use for years to come.

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Modern Cat Litter Boxes That Hide In Plain Sight

For Kitty’s needs and your sense of home style, these beautifully designed structures are every bit as attractive as they are functional.

As much as we adore our feline family members, their litter boxes can be major eyesores in your home. “We live in a small apartment,” explains Tuft + Paw founder Jackson Cunningham. “When we rescued our own cat, we realized it was pretty much impossible to find cat furniture that met the standard of things we wanted in our space.”

Fortunately, with a little digging, you’ll uncover an assortment of modern litter boxes on the market that were designed to fit seamlessly into your décor scheme. “Most cat owners have gotten used to the idea that an ugly litter box is a necessary evil and have accepted that it’s something that needs to be tucked away in a corner or closet,” Cunningham says. “We felt like any object in your home, regardless of its purpose, deserves to be designed with intention. Most people are interacting with their litter box every day, so having a thoughtful design can make a huge difference.”

Of course, a thoughtfully designed litter box should be more than attractive it should make the otherwise tough job of kitty cleanup a breeze. “The most important factor of a well-designed litter box is that it’s easy to clean,” Cunningham says. “Look for ones with simple, clean linesthat don’t stray unnecessary bits of litter.”

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