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How To Keep Cats From Peeing On Furniture

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What Smells Deter Cats From Peeing

How I stopped my cat from peeing on the furniture

Smells that deter cats from peeing include lavender oil, citronella oil, orange oil or juice, lemon oil or juice and peppermint oil. These are smells that cats hate and avoid. Use any of these oils to make a deterrent spray and apply liberally in areas that your cat tends to pee on such as the floor, your shoe rack or on potted plants. Felines also do not like the smell of menthol and the disinfectant scent of a mouthwash which makes it a potent cat deterrent to stop them from peeing in your furniture.;

Turn The Carpet Upside Down

This point is closely related to the previous step and is pretty good at breaking the negative behavior pattern. They might have built a habit for a particular carpet texture and associate it with the toilet, so by flipping the rug you might be able to stop this from happening. Try experimenting with the rug for a week or so and see if it works.

How To Stop Your Cat From Peeing On Your Bed

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This article was co-authored by Brian Bourquin, DVM. Brian Bourquin, better known as Dr. B to his clients, is a Veterinarian and the Owner of Boston Veterinary Clinic, a pet health care and veterinary clinic with three locations, South End/Bay Village, the Seaport, and Brookline, Massachusetts. Boston Veterinary Clinic specializes in primary veterinary care, including wellness and preventative care, sick and emergency care, soft-tissue surgery, dentistry. The clinic also provides specialty services in behavior, nutrition, and alternative pain management therapies using acupuncture, and therapeutic laser treatments. Boston Veterinary Clinic is an AAHA accredited hospital and Bostons first Fear Free Certified Clinic. Brian has over 19 years of veterinary experience and earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University.There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 109,527 times.

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Your Cat Dislikes Their Litter

We all know that your cat can be a picky thing, and this extends to their litter because you can buy different textures and granule sizes that feel different. Your cat may seem hesitant to use the litter box, or they may avoid it altogether and start soiling your furniture.

However, you should notice a change in your cats bathroom habits in response to changing or swapping out their litter. Also, if youve had your cat declawed, the litter may hurt their feet and make them hesitant to use it at all.;

How To Stop A Cat From Peeing In The House

Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Couch? Tips To Solve Irregular ...

Cat pee anywhere in the house can make your entire home smell like a litter box. Cats’ urine contains strong-smelling proteins they use to mark their territory, a scent that is nearly impossible to eliminate. Cleaning it can often wet the crystallized proteins and reactivate the odor. It can be upsetting and very stressful.

The best way to get rid of the smell in your home is to prevent the cat from peeing there in the first place. Ignoring the problem or yelling at your cat will not make the problem go away. To prevent the inappropriate urination, the reason for your cat’s misbehavior must first be addressed.

The first step to solving the problem is figuring out its reason. By peeing in the house, your cat is trying to tell you something is wrong. He could be sick, anxious, or unhappy with his litter box, but it will take some sleuthing to discover the source of your cat’s behavior. Once you find the cause, you can begin to find a solution.

Here, you will find possible causes and solutions so you and your cat can live in harmony again.

It’s time to retrain your cat to use the litter box

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He Doesnt Like The Type Of Litter

Some cats are extra picky when it comes to their cat litter, and if it isnt soft enough for them, theyll find another place to go. Especially if your cat has previously been declawed, rough litter is going to be painful on their paws.

To help find the perfect litter, you can put two litter boxes next to each other, each with a different brand, to see which one he goes for.

Could There Be Some Practical Reasons

If youve ruled out kidney problems, age, or other medical reasons for your cat peeing on the couch, its always worth considering that there could be some completely practical reasons for it that are relatively easy to solve.

Just to be obvious, does your cat have access to a litter box? If you keep the litter box in the bathroom, can your cat get to an alternative place if the door is closed?

How about the box itself? The sides might be too high for a very young cat with teeny legs or an older cat with limited mobility to get over.

Also, have you considered that your cat may really dislike the litter boxs location?

For instance, if you put the litter box next to a dryer or washer whose thumping or slooshing sounds scare your cat, its understandable if they dont want to do their business there.

One suggestion is to try moving the litter box to a different location, especially if your kitty has never regularly liked using the box in the place you have it now. Think about changing up the litter or getting another box with easier access.

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Incorrect Litter Box Type

Although you may like the convenience of having a covered litter box that helps to conceal and block odors, it may restrict your cats movements and make them hesitant to use it. Also, if your litter box is too small for your cat to easily move around, they may start to avoid it.

Your furniture is an ideal place for them to pee because there are no covers to restrict their movement, its open with plenty of escape routes, and its higher in the air to make them feel more secure.;

Use Cat Repellent Sprays

How to stop cats from peeing on a couch

There are many repellent sprays in the market today and most of them do a great job when it comes to preventing cats from peeing or scratching certain areas.

However, when choosing a spray to stop cats from peeing, make sure to go for one that has friendly ingredients. To make your work easier, we created a list of the best cat repellent sprays.

Being constantly bombarded by the pungent odor of cat urine is not a nice experience. However, with the above solutions, you can be able to stop your cats from peeing on spots outside your cat litter box.

Therefore, if your cat has medical issues, be sure to take him or her to a vet. Also, remove any stress inducers in its environment, or take measures to make it feel more comfortable.

You should also remove the litter it dislikes and replace it with one that doesnt irritate or harm you furry friend. On top of that, make sure that there are enough litter boxes, which should be clean and in an accessible well lit area.

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Theres Been A Major Change

Cats tend to do best in an environment that has a routine, stability, and not many disruptions or changes to their daily schedule. If youre working new hours, working longer hours, had a new baby, or introduced a new animal to your house, this can throw off your cats normal routine and cause them to do things they normally wouldnt do.

As a result, your cat may start urinating on your furniture, carpets, flooring, rugs, or anything that is slightly off the floor. Even things that may seem insignificant to us could be drastic to your cat, and the response is to trigger this unwanted behavior.;

Use Thunderease For Cats

  • ThunderEase for Cats is a drug free, calming pheromone diffuser that mimics the natural feline facial pheromone. Cats use this to mark their environment as safe by rubbing their cheeks on objects. The diffuser helps the cats feel calm and confident in the environment and helps reduce signs of stress
  • ThunderEase for Cats is clinically proven to reduce peeing outside of the litter box for 90% of cats and kittens
  • Owners often see results within the first 7 days
  • We realize that no product works for 100% of animals, so we offer a 100% money back guarantee if ThunderEase doesnt work for your cat

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Crate Your Dog Until Its Time To Pee

Some owners like the idea of crate training, others not so much. Its over to you as to whether you try it, but I personally think its a great way in keeping a dog from peeing on furniture.

The premise is quite simple. If your dog has not had a pee recently, then he gets no indoor playtime, and instead has crate time.

I dont believe that crate should be used as punishment, and it should never be seen that way. However, if your dog is in the crate during the training period, only coming out for walks and pees, in can help to housetrain them.

After a few days, you might have cracked it.

If you need a new dog crate, heres a good value but .

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Keeping Cats from Peeing on Furniture

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Encouraging Litter Box Use

  • 1Clean the litter box. To stop your cat from peeing on the bed, you will need to encourage it to use the litter box instead. If your cat has an aversion to the litter box because it’s dirty, then you wil need to clean it more regularly. Clean the litter box every day. If you do not have time for a daily litter box cleaning, consider purchasing a self-cleaning litter box.XResearch source
  • A dirty litter box is the most common reason why cats urinate outside of the litter box.XResearch source
  • Empty out all of the litter and scrub the litter box with a gentle detergent.XResearch source
  • The smell of the detergent may be unpleasant to your cat. After cleaning the litter box, rinse it out with water to remove any harsh cleanser smells.XResearch source Allow it to dry completely, then refill it with fresh, clean litter.
  • 2Use a different type of litter. Your cat might be peeing on your bed because the litter in the litter box feels uncomfortable. Since your bed is soft, switch to soft, fine litter that doesnt have large granules.XResearch source
  • Cats like to have privacy when they eliminate, so move the litter box to a quiet, private location that is easily accessible to your cat.XResearch source This area could be a corner of a room that doesnt get a lot of foot traffic.
  • 4
  • You Found Out Why Your Cat Was Peeing On The Furniture And Eliminated The Odors That Had Him Coming Backwhats Next

    Remember, so-called behavioral problems are often caused by stress. That means the best way to prevent any future accidents is to implement a routine for your cat and to provide him with a strong sense of stability.

    Cats, in general, are sensitive creatures who love routine and a feeling of security.;We know change is inevitable, but you can make it easier on your cat by keeping key parts of your day consistent.

    Try these ideas:

    • Feed your cat at the same times every day.
    • Regularly engage in interactive play with your cat! Hell be able to release his energy in a non-destructive way and de-stress.;
    • Set aside a certain time each day for snuggles.
    • Give your cat his own special space where the dog/baby/other cats wont bother him.
    • Add vertical territory to your home. Check out our article, How to Make Your Apartment Cat-Friendly, for ideas on how to catify your house.

    The more you can make routine, the better. Many cats love repetitionit makes them feel safe!

    Heres an easy checklist and reference guide to stop your cat from peeing on the furniture.

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    Vinegar Cat Pee Cleaner And Repellant

    This is the best method I have found to remove cat urine. It’s also very cheap. Vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide: You can buy all these for less than five dollars.

  • In an ordinary squirt bottle, mix three parts water to one part vinegar.
  • Spray the affected area and let sit for a few minutes. This works better on hardwood or tile floors, but you can use it on carpet as well.
  • Soak up the vinegar solution with paper towels.
  • Allow the floor to become completely dry. If you are in a hurry, turn a small fan on the area, and it should be dry in a couple of minutes.
  • Once the floor is dry, sprinkle baking soda over the affected area.
  • Take hydrogen peroxide and some dish soap and pour it over the baking soda.
  • Use a scrub brush to scour the floor. This will kill all the bacteria that was left behind.
  • After you have scrubbed the area thoroughly, soak up the excess with paper towels and allow to dry.
  • How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Peeing Everywhere

    How To Stop Cat Peeing On Sofa

    If your cat is peeing everywhere and youve ruled out medical issues, then its time to reassess your litter boxes. Begin by making sure your cats litter boxes are as clean and desirable as possible. Place litter boxes in a quiet yet accessible area of the home. Make sure theres a box on each level of your home.

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    Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell From Furniture

    Once the stench of cat urine hits you, you will have to find out where she has sprayed immediately. Usually, cats target windows and doors as well as the furniture. However, do not despair as we have the ultimate guide to getting the smell out.

    It is also important to know why your cat is urinating on your furniture. As much as it is a natural behavior, she might be trying to communicate with you. Cats are very prone to emotional issues such as anxiety and stress. It is your duty to make sure that she is not stressing and that she is a happy kitty. Through understanding why your cat is urinating everywhere, you can then be able to prevent the spraying.

    How do you get rid of the stubborn cat pee smell out of your furniture given that the smell does not go away easily? Here is a guide on how to remove the smell and also the stain left when she peed on it;

    Clean thoroughly

    The first thing you should do upon coming home to a house smelling of urine is to find the spot. You will then need to wash the latter thoroughly to get off the smell and stains. Well, as much as water is an important cleaning agent, it is not possible to get the smell off with just water.

    Take equal parts of vinegar and water and mix them in a spray bottle. This should be done after you have soaked up more urine from the furniture with paper towels. Wash off the spot and repeat after every few days.

    Use Baking soda

    Use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean your furniture

    Use solar energy to remove the smell

    Why Do Dogs Pee On Furniture

    As I mentioned in the intro, one way you can stop your dog peeing on furniture is by understanding what the root cause is, and then fixing that to stop the behavior.

    The bottom line is, there are many reasons why your dog is peeing on your furniture or bed, but none of them is out of spite dont shout at your dog, it could make the problem worse and encourage the behavior.

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    Homemade Products To Stop Your Cat From Peeing There

    These are my homemade recipes for cleaning and repelling cat urine. I usually use a vinegar solution and a citrus spray. I like vinegar because it’s better for the environment and better for me. If you have anyone in your home with breathing problems, harsh cleaning products can make things worse.

    First, clean up the urine on the floor. Use paper towels or anything else you are willing to throw away. Then use either of these two solutions:

    Create A Sanctuary Nearby

    Keeping Cats from Peeing on Furniture

    Sometimes the easiest way to keep cats off your porch is to give them some other place to hang out. If they like your porch for shelter or food, its worth asking around to find out who, if anyone, is feeding them in your neighborhood. You can then ask that person or persons to move their food source to a different location and/or build the cats a small shelter where they can spend their time, instead of wreaking havoc on your porch.;

    This is a more involved approach, but it may be necessary if none of the other options work. Its not likely that it will come to this, seeing as how the options above usually work.;

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