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The Prophecies Begin Arc

Warriors: Into the Wild | Chapter 1 | Voice Acted Audio Book
This was the group of books that started Warriors. Originally, Into the Wild was planned as a single book, where “Rusty would become Firestar by the end, and that would have been all you’d ever have known about the cats of the Clans.” However, the publisher was impressed with it and said there was enough for six books. Thus, the first Warriors books were planned out by Victoria Holmes, and sent to Kate Cary or Cherith Baldry to put into writing, then published under the name Erin Hunter. They have recently added Tui T. Sutherland to the trio to make it a foursome that share the name Erin Hunter.

Into the Wild

A young kittypet named Rusty enters the forest, where he has heard rumors of wild cats living. He is shocked to meet Graypaw, one of these cats, and even more surprised when Bluestar invites him to live with them and learn their ways. Now Firepaw, an apprentice of ThunderClan, struggles to be accepted by his new Clanmates, and gets more than he bargained for when he uncovers treachery deep in the heart of the Clan

Fire and Ice

Forest of Secrets

Fireheart is beginning to discover that Tigerclaw isn’t the only one with secrets. Graystripe spends all his time trying to keep his forbidden love, the beautiful RiverClan she-cat, Silverstream, hidden from the Clan, and even the leader, Bluestar, might have something she’s been hiding. But all secrets have to come out eventually, and when they do, it isn’t always good…

Rising Storm

A Dangerous Path

The Darkest Hour

A Dangerous Path Warriors Book 5 By Erin Hunter

A Dangerous Path is the 5th novel in the Warriors series by famous author Erin Hunter. The best-selling book in the country. The adventures, epic action scenes and ferocious warrior cats are waiting for us to join. ShadowClan chose the Tigerclaw as their new leader, the enemy cherished all sorts of plans to target the Clan. Threaten enemies have taken over the forest, putting the cats lives in danger.

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The Dawn Of The Clans Arc

This is the fifth arc of Warriors. The series revolves around the time prior to and of the origin of the five Clans, and explains how they came to be. It takes place long before any previous arc, even before the start of the Clans. During this arc, several cats journey away from the mountains, and into the forest, in hopes of a more suitable home. However, this group eventually splits off into two groups Clear Sky’s camp and Tall Shadow’s camp, lead by Clear Sky and Tall Shadow, respectively. However, the latter has stepped down, leaving Gray Wing in the position as a leader, but they will eventually jointly lead together. Vicky has stated on her Facebook page that she is not involved with Dawn of the Clans, aside from book one, The Sun Trail.

The Sun Trail

Follow the trail of the rising sun. . .
For many moons, a tribe of cats has lived peacefully near the top of a mountain. But prey is scarce and seasons are harshand their leader fears they will not survive. When a mysterious vision reveals a land filled with food and water, a group of brave young cats sets off in search of a better home.
But great dangers await them. In this unfamiliar world, faced with loners and fierce rogues all vying for territory and power, the traveling cats must find a new way to live side by sideor risk tearing one another apart.

Thunder Rising

The First Battle

The Blazing Star

A Forest Divided

Path of Stars

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Warriors: Omen Of The Stars

The fourth series, Warriors: Omen of the Stars, consists of six books: The Fourth Apprentice , Fading Echoes , Night Whispers , Sign of the Moon , The Forgotten Warrior , and The Last Hope . The series continues the plot of Warriors: Power of Three, after it is discovered at the end of the previous series that Lionblaze and Jayfeather’s sister, Hollyleaf, does not have a special power, and is thus not the third cat foretold in the prophecy “There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws”. The series begins with Jayfeather and Lionblaze’s discovery that the third cat foretold in the prophecy is Dovepaw, one of Firestar’s great-grandnieces, when she is discovered to possess the ability of clairvoyance. The trio learn throughout the course of the series that the cats of the Dark Forest, who are spirits of deceased Clan cats who committed acts of evil during their lives, are preparing an attack on the living Clan cats, recruiting disgruntled living cats to their cause, brutally training them for battle in their dreams, and manipulating the Clans through these cats. Jayfeather receives a vision informing him that there will be a fourth cat integral to the prophecy, who is ultimately revealed during the climactic battle between the Dark Forest and Clans to be Firestar himself, whose defeat of Tigerstar’s spirit concludes the battle in the Clans’ favor, though Firestar is mortally wounded in the process.

Warriors: The New Prophecy

Warrior Cats. Vor dem Sturm

The second series, Warriors: The New Prophecy, consists of six books: Midnight , Moonrise , Dawn , Starlight , Twilight , and Sunset . In this series, the Clans’ survival is put at risk as Twolegs begin to destroy their forest home with machinery. The series revolves around a group of cats consisting of Tawnypelt of ShadowClan, Crowpaw of WindClan, Feathertail of RiverClan, and Brambleclaw of ThunderClan, who are joined by Feathertail’s brother Stormfur and ThunderClan apprentice Squirrelpaw , brought together by visions from StarClan to embark on a quest to find a new home for the Clans. The series also details the Clans’ subsequent journey to find their new lakeside territories, before introducing a new prophecy, “blood will spill blood and the lake will run red”, foreshadowing a conflict between Brambleclaw and his half-brother Hawkfrost, the latter of whom plans to follow in their father Tigerstar’s footsteps and take over the Clans.

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Warriors: Power Of Three

The third series, Warriors: Power of Three, consists of six books: The Sight , Dark River , Outcast , Eclipse , Long Shadows , and Sunrise . The plot is centered on the prophecy “There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws”, which was given to Firestar in the standalone novel Firestar’s Quest, which takes place between the original Warriors arc and Warriors: The New Prophecy. The prophecy refers to Firestar’s grandchildren, who discover over the course of the series that they each have unique supernatural abilities. Jayfeather, who, despite being congenitally blind, can sense others’ emotions and enter their dreams , first learns of the prophecy when he enters Firestar’s dream. Believing the prophecy refers to him and his siblings, the series details their efforts to discover his siblings’ abilities. They discover that Lionblaze is invulnerable to injury during battle, but, despite their efforts, ultimately conclude that their sister Hollyleaf does not possess any special ability, and thus that the prophecy refers to a yet-undiscovered third cat, a plot point further explored in the subsequent series, Warriors: Omen of the Stars.

Exciting Books Like Warriors By Erin Hunter

If your kids like the Warriors series by Erin Hunter they have a lot of reading material to get through. The publishers of the Warriors and Seekers books have churned out a million novels. However, if you would like your kids to branch out from warring clans of feral cats I’ve got a few Warrior read alike chapter book suggestions for your kids who like Warriors.

First a confession. I have never read a Warriors book. Yet, given all the plot points that my kids have related to me in careful, unsolicited detail, and the few audiobooks I have tried not pay attention to, I feel as if I have.

The list includes a few middle grade books in the “warring clans of animals” genre, but since this is not a topic that interests me I am recommending a larger variety of titles. In short, this list is not limited to “books like Warriors,” but it is heavy on the animal/in-the-wild theme.

Lucky by Chris Hill. I started reading this book, and immediately knew it would be great for a list of books like Warriors. I found it well-written but as it was about clashing clans of squirrels, instead of finishing it I handed it off to my son who pronounced it, “great.” Lucky is a red squirrel who finds himself in a community of grey squirrels, named the “Cloudfoots.” Lucky must pass the Squirrel Trial in order to secure his future as a member of the clan.

More Book Lists:

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Audiobooks By Erin Hunter

Browse audiobooks by Erin Hunter, listen to samples and when you’re ready head over to where you can get 3 FREE audiobooks on us

  • The Beatrix Potter Collection

    Beatrix Potter was an English writer, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist. Her Children’s stories are loved all around the world. Born into an upper-middle-class household, Potter was educated by governesses and grew up isolated from other children. She had numerous pets and spent holidays in Scotland and the Lake District, developing a love of landscape, flora and fauna, all of which she closely observed and painted.Enjoy a collection of her stories, recorded in high quality audio. For more stories visit


  • The Hatmakers2
  • The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.: Basically Famous3
  • Cane Warriors

    Moa is fourteen. The only life he has ever known is toiling on the Frontier sugar cane plantation for endless hot days, fearing the vicious whips of the overseers. Then one night he learns of an uprising, led by the charismatic Tacky. Moa is to be a cane warrior, and fight for the freedom of all the enslaved people in the nearby plantations. But before they can escape, Moa and his friend Keverton must face their first great task: to kill their overseer, Misser Donaldson. Time is ticking, and the day of the uprising approaches . . .Irresistible, gripping and unforgettable, Cane Warriors follows the true story of Tacky’s War in Jamaica, 1760.


  • Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor8
  • Warriors: Dawn Of The Clans

    Warriors #1: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter | Audiobook Excerpt

    The fifth series, Warriors: Dawn of the Clans, consists of six books: The Sun Trail , Thunder Rising , The First Battle , The Blazing Star , A Forest Divided , and Path of Stars . The arc centers around the formation and early days of the Clans. Cats from the Tribe of Rushing Water in the mountains leave in search of a better home, ultimately discovering the forest which becomes the territories of the modern Clans, and forming the Clans.

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